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6 Elements of a Strong Brand Strategy

In this blog post, we will discuss each of these elements in detail and provide tips on creating a brand strategy that is right for your business!

When it comes to brand strategy, there are six essential elements that you need to focus on to create a lasting impression. These are mission, vision, values, brand persona, brand story, and brand voice.

brand strategy

1. Mission

Your mission statement should be a concise and precise description of your brand. It should answer the question, “What does our brand do?” and provide a sense of purpose for your team.

2. Vision


Your vision statement should be an aspirational description of what you hope to achieve with your brand. It should answer the question, “What do we want our brand to be?” and provide a guide for your team’s actions.

3. Values

Your brand’s values are the beliefs that guide your team’s decisions and actions. They should be reflective of your brand’s mission and vision and should be something that you can stand behind.

4. Brand Persona

Your brand persona is the fictional character that represents your brand. This character should be relatable and likable and embody your brand’s values.

5. Brand Story

Your brand story is the narrative that tells the tale of your brand. It should be compelling and engaging and highlight your brand’s unique selling points.

6. brand Voice

Your brand voice is how your brand communicates with the world. It should be consistent across all channels and reflect your brand’s personality.


Creating a solid brand strategy is essential for any business that wants to make a lasting impression. By focusing on these six key elements, you can develop a brand strategy that is right for your business. Here in FaireFinderPH, we will help you achieve your goals!

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