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Welcome to FaireFinder

We are a Philippine-based online marketplace for home and garden products dedicated to closing the gap between advanced eCommerce and Filipino Sellers and helping them leverage the potential of the online marketplace.

We have built this marketplace blending diversity with innovation to create an eCommerce platform that is easy to step in, offers competitive selling opportunities, and gives sellers a way to reach millions of buyers every day.

Our goal is to help our sellers reach a vast pool of potential customers with ease. We have built an online marketplace that sees you not as a seller but as family and guides you, supports you and builds you whenever you need.

Our philosophy with FaireFinder is to provide a level playing field. With our support, you have the power to compete with the established business and win. We provide equal opportunities to all our sellers enabling them to grow with all the tools, information, and insights you need to compete in a thriving marketplace.

Being in the merchandise business for many years, we have seen the Filipinos’ potential for business. FaireFinder is a realization of our dream of helping Filipinos channel their potential and empower them with the benefits of eCommerce.

This platform is now yours to use, build, and benefit from. We welcome you to grow with us.

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Our Mission

The Philippines has enough online marketplace platforms and it’s good to see that Filipinos are doing online businesses. It shows how eager we are to gain financial freedom and success. However, what we lack is a marketplace that truly cares. A platform that visualizes the success of each seller, from the first step as a seller, and holds your hand until you achieve them.

At Fairefinder, our mission is to be that marketplace. We want to be the one that will effectively scale our sellers’ business to its maximum potential while ensuring consumer’s protection at all times. Here it’s not just about letting our merchants sell using our platform, it’s also about growing with them together to provide top-notch customer satisfaction. We will set the path and equip our fellow Filipinos to reach this goal through continuous business training and by providing analytical tools to assess their business and improve their decision-making. We are already a country of hard-working, ingenious, persevering, and innovative people. What we really need is the right opportunity to prosper, and we aim to give that to Filipinos.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help Filipinos improve their lives by adding supplemental or creating a passive income by selling online.

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